10 Minute Activation NOW Streamlined

We have listened and we have some exciting news. We have streamlined our complete process on how the customer purchases, places the order, and manages your account. Once you place the order and payment is confirmed, out system with automatically generate the username and password for your IPTV subscription. This usually takes approximately 10 mins. This is a huge benefit as it used to take us anywhere from 1-12 hours due to most of the information had to be verified and manually entered.

If you are placing an order for our 36HR Free Trial, no payment is necessary. As soon as you place the order, our system will start the auto-generation process. Check your email as you will get a number of emails from us. Once of those will have your login details, similar to below:

This allows you to update or renew your subscription. If you see its about to expire, head over to your account and renew the subscription for uninterrupted service. We want to put the power into your hands and control your account, regardless of your location or timezone.

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