How To Select IPTV Subscription Plan

How do I know how to chose the right IPTV Subscription?

First you have to ask your self, how many connections do I need. A connection is defined by how many TV’s will be running the service at the same time. So if you are using the service on a TV in the living room, kids room, and bedroom all at the same time, you would need at least 3 connections. If you are only ever going to have 1 TV on at a time, then you only need 1 connection.

Now comes down to price. If you look at most providers, the longer term you go, usually the cheaper the cost is. We always recommend to our customers not to get held up by the minimal cost difference by going Monthly, quarterly, or yearly. I’m sure you’re asking why at this point? Its easy; what if something was to happen to the service or the company that is providing your IPTV subscription. If you are in a long term (6 months, or even 1 year subscription), then you’re probably screwed. Most companies don’t offer refunds because as soon as a subscription is purchased, we have up front costs. If your looking to save some money, they we recommend the 3 month subscription model as its costs is relatively cheap, but give your a long enough duration to save some money.

The best way to test a service provider is use all their short term subscriptions. Like outs at IPTVCanada.TV, we offer a FREE 36 hour trial. This is so our customers can test out the system and our customer service to ensure its something they are interested in. If that’s not long enough, we have a discounted 1st month subscription (only $10). We feel within the first month, our customers should have a good understating if IPTV is for them, and if our service is what they are looking for. If our customers are looking to stay with us, now is the best time to decide which duration works best. Out most popular subscription model is the 3 month subscription.

We hope this guide helps you to determine which duration subscription model works best for you.

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