Not Accepting New Reseller Accounts

When we set out to also allow our customers to resell IPTVCanada IPTV Subscriptions, we set a limit on the number of reseller accounts we were going to allow. We can say that we have hit that number and will be suspending new reseller accounts until further notice. This means if you are interested in reselling our service, you won’t be able to.

The big question is, WHY?

This is a good question. It has nothing to do with bandwidth or server capacity because we are continuously growing and are not seeing major server loading that tells us otherwise. The major aspect is we want to ensure we support our current resellers and help them grow with us. This is with technical aspect and to ensure we service them properly. Bringing on new resellers take a significant amount of resources in order to get them up and running with their reseller dashboard along with the technical aspect as they are just starting out. We have limited staff and want to ensure we don’t take away from the great customer service we are currently providing our customers (our opinion might be slightly bias).

Will we open it back up and allow resellers in the future, its possible, but were not sure when or if we will.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us @

IPTVCanada Team

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