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We’ve updated our site once again to try and help streamline the the complete process, from ordering to managing your account. If you have ordered a product before September 28th, 2022, there’s a good change your subscription is on our “older” subscription service. What this means is the following post won’t pertain to your subscription and you will have to still fill out the form to have your subscription bouquets updated.

We’ve added our Bouquet feature right into your account. So if you know you are not going to use certain Counties, then you can select on the ones you want at time of order. Before the update, you had to fill out a form, send it back to us, then we manually update it in your subscription. Now we’ve given you, the customer, the power to adjust the bouquets when you need to.

So now your asking, how do I select the bouquets after I already placed my order. We’re glad you asked, and here is how you do that:

Once you login into your IPTVCanada Client Area, you will see your active subscriptions available. Pick the subscription you would like to update.

Once you click on your subscription you would like to update, it will bring you into your Product Details page. Here you can see your username, password, subscription status, along with other product information. In the IPTV Service Details section, you will see the “Select Bouquet” button.Click this and a popup will show the Bouquets available and already selected in your current subscription.

Note that at the top of the popup, there is #1, #2, and #3. Here is where you can select between Live TV, Movies, and Series. Check mark the ones you would like to have displayed in your subscription.

We hope this helps and makes it easier for our customers!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to use at hello@iptvcanada.tv

IPTVCanada – Team

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