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Some of our customers noticed a recent upgrade to our system. If you haven’t, we will explain how to Upgrade / Downgrade your subscription from your IPTVCanada.TV Account.

You might ask, once I pick a subscription, why would I want to upgrade or downgrade? There’s a couple of reasons. This is particularly useful when you try our 36 Hour Free Trial and want to then try our 1st Month ($10 Subscription). You could just add a new package to your account, but our system will automatically send you new login credentials. if you upgrade from the Free Trial to the 1st Month in your account, the information (IPTVSmarters Login Details) will stay the same. This is also beneficial if you are upgrading from the 1st Month to another subscription (per Month, 3 Months, etc.) and want to keep the same Login Credentials.

Some of our customers go with 1 connection as they only need one TV at a time, but then down the road they realize they need more connections. You can do this right from your account.

Here is how you Upgrade from your IPTVCanada.TV Account:

Once logged in, you would find your services as shown below. Click on this to open your current subscriptions.

Once in there, you will see your current services (Subscriptions). Click on the one you want to upgrade.

Once in the subscription, scroll all the way to the bottom of the page, you will see “Upgrade Subscription” in an orange box. Click this to bring up the options.

This will display all the upgrade options available to you with associated costing. Pick the one you want to upgrade to and follow instructions.


Once payment is confirmed, your subscription should be upgraded. It’s virtually that simple. We didn’t want to make it too difficult to control your account.

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